Thursday, January 22, 2009

American Idol - Elmer Gantry?

Perhaps starting with Sesame Street, or parenting, where expectations of offspring became few, I don't know, but America has become obsessed with a pretty face, a pretty voice or something beyond real-world achievement. Thus, in my opinion, we have just elected American Idol - Presidential Version. But it also proves that "religion" is alive and well in America. We all need to believe in something. And now we have Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States of America. Most citizens have been swept away and, while believing, have suspended belief. President Obama, a charismatic figure, has been appointed CEO of the largest, most complex organization in history. Sort of like me being made CEO of MobilExxon. President Obama could have a backbone stronger than our last president; he could embrace the free-enterprise system as the best ever invented in the world; he could stand back, like President Reagan, and manage to a few basic first principles. Or he could Carter-like attempt to micromanage each aspect of the country; he could be bulldozed by Congress; he could yank the country further toward anti-free-enterprise socialism. I hope President Obama succeeds at being the grown-up in the midst of the liberals' sandbox of playthings. Is he Mr. Rogers or Elmer Gantry? Putting our economy into the hands of data-driven "intellectuals" as he is doing is putting it into the hands of those who invented the mortgage-backed securities, derivitives and other computer-modeled securities that have decimated our economy and hiring for Treasury Secretary who didn't pay his taxes and broke the laws of hiring illegals, isn't a good start.

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