Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hope Can't Pay the Bills.

Today is the Inauguration (Coronation) Indoctrination Day. The 44th President of the United States of America, January 20, 2009. President Barack Obama ran and won on the promise of CHANGE and HOPE. (Well perhaps the ineptness of John McCain his opponent and the overwhelming financial “meltdown” elected him.) But hope won’t pay the bills. He has never made an important decision. He has never hired anyone. Now he is running the largest institution in the world. Our experiment in Democracy has come full circle from where democracy meant white, male, property owners those typically with success, intelligence, worldliness, education running things. Now democracy is proving out its weakness: everyone gets to vote. (Well if they are citizens and at least age 18.) There needs be no intelligence, worldliness, education nor stake in society. In fact today something like 38% of the working people pay no federal income taxes and about half of them get welfare back (“Earned Income Tax Credits”). Franklin Delano Roosevelt first discovered the segmentation of voters into subgroups and pandered to each of them in exchange for votes. Some (me) might call it buying elections, and indirectly that is exactly what the Democrats have done. By promising only retirement security and healthcare for seniors the country owes somewhere around $60 trillion in future obligations to its citizens. And that was only the beginning. In every nook and cranny of our lives the government intrudes and increases costs, red tape and reduces freedom. We are not a free country. And it will only get worse.
Along with seniors, FDR bought farmers, trade union leaders (who could then more easily unionize workers and take their union dues to gain power, live well and elect Democrats), Negroes, the unemployed, and, in a stroke of unanticipated consequence, artists, writers, and the “liberal”, who went on to be newspaper writers, authors, painters, movie producers propagandizing citizens’ minds for the Democrats. In recent decades environmental evangelists with their lawsuits, trial lawyers with their money and the homosexual affinity group (“gays”) with their audacity and publicity have joined the crowd. It is clearly the popular place to be – a Democrat, a liberal. But they are anything but liberal. They want nothing more than to control our lives. From embracing and releasing criminals to give them their “rights”; handcuffing and lambasting the police for its “abuses”; to monetizing victimhood from which trial lawyers reap billions of dollars; to controlling where we smoke; what we eat; how and where we build things; criminalizing thought and speech (“hate crimes”); while legalizing that which used to be illegal; curtailing organized religion; demonizing business and the successful; and promoting, not equal opportunity but absolute equality for all.
Equality is impossible, those promising it are liars.
Government pays for healthcare, education, lost jobs, "safety", diversity, accessability, and on and on. But who pays for government? Business, commerce, companies. Only businesses can create wealth from nothing. Only business can create lasting jobs. Therein lies my problem with Democrats, they are anti-business, anti-free-enterprise. They think they know better how to run business than those who created those businesses and those who manage them, because they'll run them for "stakeholders" -- employees, the public, the government, the environment. Their supporters: trial lawyers, union leaders, environmentalists among others can only have power and wealth through taking from businesses, thus weakening them, thus diminishing wealth in the United States, thus causing it to be unable to “grow its way out of its unfunded liabilities.
But Democrats know they are right and moral and how we should manage our lives. They are our overseers.
Our nation is doomed to mediocrity, and with it, comes "equality" on a much lower level. Well, equality for everyone except those in power. Some things never change.

Ted Wight, Coronation Day, 2009.

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