Thursday, February 12, 2009

Elect Democrats in 2010 Act passed.

An update to the so-called "Stimulus Act" as of July 2009: it hasn't worked. Unemployement was 7.6% when Obama took over and he then promised unemployment would only reach 8% and save or create 3 million jobs. Unemployment now 9.5% and heading over 10, with 2.6 million jobs lost. Now of course he's backtracking, saying that the stimulus bill was for two years (safely making it after the 2010 elections, where it planned to re-elect Democrats.)

The Elect Democrats in 2010 Act has been passed. Everyone in America, with the exception of one minority group: successful businesspeople, has been bought by the Democrats in the fruition of a 75 year quest begun by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He segmented the voters into a number of blocs: the aged, the unemployed, the creative (artists, writers and the like), the union leaders controlling workers, blacks, and through deficit spending bought each of them. Purchases that have lasted. In the intervening years the Democratic Party has added other affinity groups: gays, anti-warriors, environmentalists. Again almost every voter in America except those who finance the country: businesspeople. Toss a few more trillions of dollars of government debt onto foreign markets, and, at some point not only carrying costs become impossible to finance, with diminished business, but what if those foreign entities either can't or decide not to buy our paper? I don't know if there's a Chapter 11 for countries. But probably not. They call our debt and they own us.

And to even get Democrats on board it was a difficult buy. The Senate made a strategic purchase of three "Republicans" (now is the time to differentiate between Republicans who belong to a party but don't necessarily share and ideals and conservatives who have many deep ideals, such as, to start: a trust in the citizens to make the best decisions for themselves; support of business - the engine of all growth and wealth; and a distrust of large, invasive government - the diminisher of growth and wealth.) Rep. Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe got an additional $420 million for Maine's Medicaid program, a well-known economic stimulator; and Senator Arlen Specter got an additional $6.5 billion for the National Institutes of Health to help him with his cancer. He also got to watch the Superbowl with President Obama. These purchases go along with $300 million for government cars, to boost the automakers union leaders; $75 million for the left-leaning Smithsonian Institution; $2 billion for the Obama powerplant in Illinois (wonder what fuel it'll consume); and let's get a little something for the Speaker: Instead of protecting citizens $30 million will protect a tiny salt marsh harvest mouse with wetlands restoration in the San Francisco Bay Area because the little rat is endangered. Or perhaps Speaker Pelosi has other reasons. And some cash for welfare to those who don't make enough money to pay federal income taxes. Roughly half the voters now won't contribute anything to support the federal government. FDR must be smiling in Hell right now.

Goodbye Our United States of America. Hello One-Party System. Or perhaps a Chinese overseer.

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