Thursday, February 19, 2009

The One-Trillion Dollar One Party Quest

The One-trillion Dollar One Party Quest

The Obama Administration and the present Democratic Party aren’t about equality, fairness or what’s good for this country or its citizens. It is about power, raw power over others. It is the culmination of a quest that began in earnest with Franklin Delano Roosevelt's inauguration 76 years ago this month (March 2009).
Their rise to current power may be the end of the free-enterprise system in the United States of America. The reward for risk and the achievement of success in the rough and tumble capitalist system is becoming so yesterday. The irresponsible are being rewarded at the expense of the responsible. As has been proven in myriad countries, including the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, socialism doesn’t work and doesn’t last. (And neither does Keynesian economics.) But it does ruin countries. FDR’s (or his advisors’) brilliant strategy of segmenting voter blocs of affinity groups and purchasing their votes using taxpayer money has reached fruition with the current Democratic-controlled Congress and President Obama. FDR’s union leaders, seniors, the unemployed and the poor, Negroes and in a brilliant coup, writers and artists (through the New Deal’s Works Progress Administration’s Writers’ Projects) have been leveraged into Democrats winning this country a step at a time from Republicans, most of whom were busy creating businesses and jobs. While the Democrats ruthlessly buy votes, they spray the mantra of Socialist fairness (unfairness by conservatives) and equality for all (except for its puppeteers) and yes, Change! and utopia over all of us like piss.

Modern-day Democrats have added more affinity groups, such as gays, feminists, anti-warriors, environmentalists, Hispanics, the disabled and, of course the catch-all, the “disadvantaged”, whoever and wherever the Democrats want them to be. Socialism and Communism in the end aren’t about utopia, social harmony or equality, they have always been used as vehicles to gain and retain power. Karl Marx may have been quoted but fear, retribution and subjugation gained the power and the wealth. Ordinary citizens were left with what was left.

And so it is with the Obama Administration and the present Democratic Party, power at all costs. And clearly they are well on their way to a one-party system. The “Elect Democrats in 2010” Bill was $787,000,000,000 devoted to gaining a one-party system. Adding today’s (February 19, 2009) $275,000,000,000 Obama Housing Plan to subsidize losers (a majority of whom are Democrats) and penalize the responsible (a majority of which are Republicans) exceeds $1,000,000,000,000 ONE TRILLION DOLLARS to completely obliterate the Republican Party.

Yes, this is the same party that managed California to its present success!


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