Thursday, March 19, 2009

Break Union Monopolies

The Far-left Congress joins the Far-left president to impose on the American economy the most draconian shackles on its ability to create jobs, grow and provide tax income to the U. S. Government and for companies to be free to create products and services that consumers desire. Union bosses themselves say that this bill (the so-called "Employee Free Choice Act")would add 20 million more union members to their rolls, resulting in up to $12 billion more in forced union dues taken from the pockets of American workers. Where will these bosses spend all tht new money? On higher salaries, perks, vacations, cars for themselves and, most importantly, much will be spent to elect Far-left Democrats to continue the business-killing monopolies of unions.

What do unions really do?

Well first, The National Right to Work Committee recently reported "that union violence is responsible for at least 203 Americans deaths since 1975; 5,869 incidents of personal injury; and more than 6,435 incidents of vandalism and tens of millions of dollars in property damage."

Artificially jack up wages of a tiny minority of workers at the expense of more jobs. Artificially jack up prices, which amount to an additional tax on consumers, the proceeds of which line union leaders pockets and elect Far-left Democrats. Union leaders tell businesses how to manage their employees. The same employees who freely accept jobs created by these businesses. Why hobble business now? Well, union bosses using their members' dues elect Far-left Democrats.

"A study recently released by Dr. Anne Layne-Farrar, an economist with the non-partisan LECG Consulting Group, concluded that the unionization of 1.5 million existing jobs in just the first year after enactment of Card Check (as predicted by union leaders) would lead to an initial loss of 600,000 American jobs."

Recently union leaders in cahoots with Congress have triggered a possibly-devastating trade war with our third-largest trading partner and next-door neighbor, Mexico. Mexico has slapped tariffs on 89 products American companies ship there. From an added 10% to a killing 45% on a variety of products, including table grapes, wine, almonds, Christmas trees (liberals hate these anyway), pears from my Washington State, scrap batteries, some personal hygiene products and precious metal jewelry among other things. Why? To protect a perceived handful of Teamster jobs from Mexicans driving their trucks over the border as the North American Trade Agreement allows. Just to remind: it was trade barriers that helped start and continued The Great Depression. Check out this:

Obviously union leaders are playing the strings of Obama the puppet and, of course, Democrats in Congress. Is Obama simply another Uncle Tom: "yessa, yessa, mastah! Please elect me!" When Obama talks of a strong economy and job saving and job creating, he is lying to America. Lying! And those same leaders to whom our president is so beholden have killed U. S. industries, steel, airlines, auto manufacturing and auto parts manufacturing, not to mention government entities such as Amtrak, the U. S. Postal Service. And unions have destroyed generations of African American kids who can't get decent educations, among other "students".

Cahoots?: From "The Audacity of Hope," "I owe those unions... When their leaders call, I do my best to call them back right away. I don't mind feeling obligated."

Check out this link for a comment by a former U. S. Secretary of Labor:

Another article in The Wall Street Journal (Monday, March 16, 2009, page A18 ) describes what labor bosses have done to Germany, Italy and France; Margaret Thatcher turned them back in England, but those other three countries are competitively on the bottom rung and financially crippled by welfare to those who are not productive.

Now is the time Republicans need to stand up and fight for America: Break the job- and business-killing union monopolies. If business monopolies were broken a century ago, because of misuse of power, now is the time to apply those same considerations to the union monopolies. The first start is stopping the addendum to Obama's Elect Democrats in 2010 "stimulus bill which is the Employee No Choice Act. It must be stopped if there is to be any small chance of an economic comeback in the United States and the world.

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