Friday, March 6, 2009

Miscellaneous Ramblings from Today's The Wall Street Journal

"Retail Sales Show Signs of Life" (Front Page, The Wall Street Journal, Friday, March 6, 2009 ) Wall-Mart Stores Inc. showed same store sales increase of 5.1% (the first since September 2008). This one behemoth chain pulled up national industry same store sales to .7% when they otherwise would have dropped 4.1%. This is the retailer that is targeted for unionization by union leaders in the United States, owners of the Obama Administration and Congress. Look out America, don't let this happen.

"Political lobbying Drove FDA Process" (Same issue, Front Page ) Well duh! Our entire political activity -- the very future of this country -- is steered by political lobbying, coupled with the concomitant campaign contributions. I was saddened a bit that the amount of political contribution by ReGen Biologics Inc to the politicians, Menendez, Pallone, Rothman and Lautenberg...some leaders of healthcare in Congress...was not detailed. Our system, our Congress, our administration...all are corrupted by lobbying. The politicians want to be reelected and live the cushy life on the taxpayers. We have made being a politician for life more valuable to a citizen than working for a living and contributing to the economy. I think Republicans killed the term limits and perhaps sunsetting of laws. They are all to blame and should be retired in 2010. Retire in 2010. That has a catchy ring to it. In the meantime, The Wall Street Journal doesn't have enough room to write about all the lobbying that drives government.

"Obama, Health-Care Players Agree to Seek Overhaul" (Same issue, Page A4, ) While Obama laughingly states that "exploding costs of health care in America today" could doom the country or something he ignores the 150,000 pages of Medicare regulations brought to you by the same party. Then he rails against "special interests" for killing previous attempts at "reform". Special interests, of course, are those that espouse opinions opposite those of Democrats. And saving costs by spending a trillion or so dollars seems so...Obamaian. True reform -- impossible as it sounds -- can only come from competition. Check out laser eye surgery, cosmetic surgery. Piling regulations on regulations and fixing prices according to lobbyists' contributions bring coverage for every perceived "cure" leaving out, of course, physicians, nurses, CEOs of healthcare organizations and those that know something through experience. Yes, I think I'll go to Henry Waxman for my sore throat. Democrats see fraud in profits, not understanding the basis of free-enterprise, that profits bring innovation, efficiency and cost reduction. They do not understand that legislation cannot stop crooks. Know this: Obama and the Democratic Congress wants government to own the healthcare industry and as the deficit blows up, so will healthcare regulations. 500,000 pages here we come brought to you by the party that brought us California, Amtrak and the U. S. Postal Service.

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