Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So Sorry Al

This blog just wants to send a note to Al Gore and all his cronies who have made billions of dollars by gaming Green.  Al, his "venture capital" partners, and I am certain hundreds or thousands of "investors" who hitched to the wagon of Government Green should see their investments tank as the Green Religion is outed as a sham.  A raw political power-grabbing scheme.  Green is sinking in not only public attitude, but many scientists are saying, "So sorry we made a mistake".  All the investments made in wind, solar, electric vehicles, batteries, biofuels, and ethanol should plunge in value.  Not immediately because the politicians still will accept campaign contributions and support in exchange for them continuing taxpayer-funded subsidies, as has clearly happened with ethanol.  But now taxpayers are wising up.  The Tea Parties are one indication.  Democrats being shown the door in November will be another.

Oh, yes, our note to Al:  "Sorry, Dude your scam didn't work, hope you get to keep your jet, mansion and a couple billion."

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