Monday, February 15, 2010

Weather models OK, mortgage models NOT.

Models that fortell the future of the world climate, and its cause in human activity are accurate, says the Liberal/Progressive/Social Justice/Democrat self-serving special interest group.  Why?  Simply because they say it's "proven science" and, of course, gets them to the result: control, control over economies and people.

But a far-less complex model, the same Liberal/Progressive/Social Justice/Democrat self-serving special interest group announces, that of securities whose principal-amount value is secured by mortgages on residences in the United States of America, cannot be accurate and its inaccuracy was the cause of the so-called "Sub-prime Meltdown" which led to the near-demise of the American economy.  And the necessity, the absolute need, for the same self-serving special interest group to take control of banks, financial institutions, automobile manufacturers, and direct the economy toward what they know to be proven science, Green Stuff.

In summary:  the world's climate model is accurate in all it's impossible complexity of inputs, while the far, far simpler model of mortgage-backed securities, is not.

Go figure.

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