Monday, April 19, 2010


President Obama launched a massive surprise attack on Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. in all likelihood to assist in his takeover of the financial services industry.  Being one of the largest securities trading organizations in the world and the epitome of Obama hatred for "Wall Street" Goldman, although a major contributor to Democrats, got blindsided in the United States Securities and Exchange Commission's civil fraud charge against it.  Obama cannot be trusted is the backstory of this, his public relations coup against "Wall Street".  I believe he feels America will rally to his side against "Wall Street" forgetting his insane spending and borrowing which could bankrupt this country with deficits as far as the eye can see, or longer.

But, Obama hopes, let's not concentrate on THAT, let's go after the devil, Goldman Sachs, a successful freemarket trader.  No doubt the Far-left Media will pile on along side its progressive icon, Mr. Obama in damning Goldman.

Shows how tough he is.  And how smart.  It's only 2010 and he grasps a failure that occurred three years ago.  Or if he doesn't grasp any detail he knows the headlines his propaganda arms will feature.  And it'll show a hesitant Congress that the financial industry takeover is every bit as critical to America's future as the takeover of the healthcare industry.  My guess: this has nothing to do with Goldman's innocence or guilt, it's presumed by the media that Goldman's guilty and that's enough to move the financial industry takeover past the goal line.  Meanwhile, Obama himself ala Jimmy Carter is enmeshed with the minute details of the takeover bill writing language and presumably (unlike with healthcare) even reading it. 

But back to the SEC's lawsuit.  It contends Goldman is smarter than little ACA Capital Holdings, Inc. which put together the instrument that is the subject of the SEC's proceeding.  ACA was worth $400,000,000 and made its living insuring such things.  (For the details of what the instrument was, call the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission and ask.  I'd guess 50/50 it doesn't even know!)   Poor little ACA was like those stupid U.S. citizens who were taken advantage of by the big, old banks and mortgage companies which forced them to take out mortgages they couldn't afford at housing prices that were at pinnicles of value.  Victims all.  They all needed Obama and his administration and the Democratic Party to warn them and wave off those big, bad banks.  Obama to the rescue.  Never again will anything like this happen with Obama on guard.

Thank you, Mr. President. 

(My guess is that as with many of the lawsuits argued in the Left-wing media by N. Y. attorneys general and its former governor Elliott Spitzer, they'll ultimately be tossed out of court or settled but certainly AFTER the November elections and the financial industry takeover bill.)


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