Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Self Preservation collides with Meglomania

It was interesting to watch the usually-selfish members of Congress, who thirst, hunger for self-preservation in their cushy jobs, abandon their futures in exchange for their Leader's Meglomania.  Actually if it wasn't such a corrupt process, it would have been beneficial to see members think about something other than reelection.  But it was anything but beneficial to this country.  We were treated to members' complete abandonment of principle (perhaps principle and members of Congress is an oxmoron) in order to grant their Leader a legacy and resurgent power.  His Meglomania. 

Hopefully the disgust citizens have for most all members of Congress will stay through the November elections.  Retire every one of the Democrats who voted to take over our healthcare and health insurance industries.  I know that is too much to hope for.  Here in Seattle (a second-rate San Francisco) Senator Patty Murray, a lockstep liberal without an original thought in her head, has the name recognition, war chest and taxpayer funds, not to mention Obama's power, to in all likelihood retain her soft job.  In Washington State, Seattle has the population and money and ignorance to elect Democrats everywhere.  It is surprising that Washington isn't as bankrupt as California (and NY, NY, Illinois, etc.)  Only a few billion in the red because of union power. But other than possibly in Washington State voters will review the liberals' records and the state of our (near bankrupt) nation and send them packing from Washington, D.C.  But the Meglomaniac will be picking our pockets, infecting our bureaucracies and lying to us for another two years.  That is unfortunate for the United States of America.

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