Friday, May 28, 2010


"Obama Only Dem Candidate To Pledge 'Google Government'" (First Posted to the Huffington Post, 08-26-07 11:34 AM)

While the obviously anti-business Obama Administration launches investigations, inquiries and lawsuits against virtually every big business that breathes, its friends can roll.

The Obama Federal Trade Commission allowed Google to purchase AdMob, a major player in mobile display ad technology, for $750 million. Its decision was completely unexpected, to say the least. Even The Wall Street Journal had written that both Google and AdMob expected the OFTC to block the deal over antitrust concerns. Google completed the takeover before you could say "crony".  I guess there are no "concerns" when you're in bed with the government.

It's nice to know that with Obama it's not what you do, it's clearly who you know, who you back and to whom you donate.

Can it be termed "Corrupt Capitalism"?   "Crony" seems too benign.

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