Thursday, May 27, 2010


ACTION ALERT! The civil rights of African-American and Hispanics children are being violated. The Constitution clearly mandates that all people in the United States of America must know how to swim. The outrage is that 5 – 14-year-old African-Americans drown at 3.1 times that of whites. And five times as likely to drown in pools. The reason is that 70% of African-American and 58% of Hispanic children cannot swim. Their civil rights are being violated. Trial lawyers must sue for the rights of black and Hispanic kids. Pools must be built and lessons given in every jurisdiction lacking them (and not only will there be less drowning but the lawyers can make a few hundred million dollars). This outrage must be stopped. Thank you, The Wall Street Journal (Thursday, May 27, 2010, page D3 "Report Finds a Gap Persists in Swimming) and USA Swimming for bringing this crisis to our attention.

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