Friday, June 25, 2010

Bribery Gains America Nothing

Sales of new homes plunged in May, 2010,after the Obama tax credits to buy new homes expired.  My response, "Well, duh".  One of myriad stupidities, Obama gave taxpayer money away so people could buy new homes.  They did!  Proves people can be bribed.  But end the bribe and: no purchases.  Off 33% from the month before to a record low -- A RECORD LOW -- seasonally-adjusted RATE of 300,000.  And Mr. Obama just what did we, the United States taxpayers, get for this?  Not much of anything at all except we owe China a few hundred million dollars more.  And consumers buy things they don't necessarily want to buy but Obama wants them to.  This is the genesis of the entire financial meltdown: government and politicians wanting something accomplished that is opposite to what the free market can do.

It is idiocy thinking as Obama and his possee of socialist-leaning lemmings do, that bribing consumers to consume can do anything for the economy.  A one- or two-month shot in the arm followed by nothing.  It is simply ignorant and stupid.  As is our president.

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