Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Tide Has Turned

The Tide Has Turned.  It looks as though much of the Left-leaning media, many late-night Left-leaning "comedians", and, most importantly, the Left-cpntrolled Congress is turning against President Obama and his uber-radical attempt to change the American Society into some utopian-socialist absurdity.  (As with Stalin  and Hitler, it would, of course have had Obama in absolute charge, micro-managing every element of society.)  The inexperience and far-left ideology of Barack Obama (the nation's first American Idol-- The President) which I outlined in this blog July 8, 2008, entitled  "2008 Presidential Election" is becoming abundantly clear to most rationally-thinking Americans.  These same Americans are turning back the tide, tossing out not only incumbant Democrats, but useless Republicans with no goal other than keeping their cushy jobs.

Perhaps with the latest fiasco with the Afghanistan War generals, it is the last straw or perhaps a last straw.  We can hope for: 1) Obama's emasculation (assuming he was masculine in the first place); 2) Conservative -- real conservative -- capturing of the majority in one House, perhaps both, of the Congress and the rolling-back of the most deficit-inducing egregious Healthcare Takeover, stopping the continued left-wing political transformation/capture of the Supreme Court (which hopefully will start with rejecting Elena Kagan next week), the regulatory framework of this country and our formerly-free society; then 3) electioin of a conservative -- real conservative -- president in 2013 to finally bring this country back to the Rule of Law, respect for private property and adherence to the Constitution.  And Freedom once again.

It's been far too long!

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