Thursday, July 15, 2010

The American people are the Business Community

This is what is wrong with our country. No, it’s not the president making profound verbal pronouncements, never backed by action nor truth, nor appointing commissions to come to conclusions (after elections) that shield politicians from decision-making. No, it’s the philosophies that are implicitly stated in this article. ["Revisiting the Regulations Affecting Business", The Wall Street Journal, Monday, July 12, 2010, page A4.]  “..[T]he administration faces pressure from the left not to bargain too much away [my emphasis] to corporate interests [again my emphasis]”. In this scenario “business interests” in the minds of “the left” are evil, greedy graspers who simply seem to want more of something the administration possesses and is able to bargain away. Then, more explicitly, is the following comment by the White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel pitting the “business community” which, of course in his mind wants to diminish and undercut the “health and safety of the American people” which the left, of course, again to his thinking, wants to protect: “The president has said that he is interested and open to the business community’s perspective on examining regulations [whatever that means!], but a lot of important equities [whatever that means!] need to be weighed against each other, such as the health and safety of the American people—and no one interest outweighs another.” So President Obama sees the business community as being one “interest” and the health and safety of the American people as being another and the two of them being at absolute odds with each other. What about the unique concept of the “business community” [a distinct monolithic entity in the view of the left, as opposed to millions of separate entities, each with individual needs and desires, which is reality] being part and parcel of the American people, which, after all are the owners, operators and workers of the “business community”. Only in the eyes of liberals are the two separate, each fighting the other in an inevitable conflict to the end. The reality is that liberals need this (widespread) notion in order to gain and retain power. Republicans – and conservatives – seem unable to articulate this fact. The truth is that the “business community” – AKA the American people – have created wealth for the world and the United States government by its innovation and entrepreneurship. The American people ARE the “business community” and our government, purporting to represent us, should demonstrate this (not to mention understand it) and not simply exhibit headline-gaining, but empty “broad policy reviews”. Our country is facing unprecedented competition from a world of countries which have learned from us; rather than facing them squarely in the marketplace, our leaders are throwing the game to them.

Visualize union leaders working closely together with corporate leaders to gain a competitive advantage over, say, Chinese companies, with the wealth from success flowing back to the United States and into the hands of the American people. We are a people together. If only our politicians understood this!

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