Friday, July 16, 2010


When President Barack Obama signs the Financial Takeover Bill, expected next Wednesday, July 21
It will signify the end of the greatest, most successful experiment in society ever accomplished by mankind.  It has been brought to its knees, headdown on the block, awaiting beheading.

Our Founding Fathers risked their lives and fortunes to be rid of the arbitrary rule of a British monarch, King George III.  234 years later we are under the arbitrary rule of a meglomaniac, inexperienced president and his crony Congress.  Our Constitution granted every American citizen the freedom to seek his or her own happiness as he or she decided for him or her self.  (Get that politically-correct gender stuff?)  Those same constitutional freedoms have been usurped by unelected, idealogic bureaucrats given permission by the micromanaging Congress, filled generally with lawyers unfamiliar with actually working and accomplishing in the so-formerly-called "private sector" (please look up that anachronistic term).

Those bureaucrats will be telling our citizens what to eat; what clothes to wear; toys to play with; cars to drive; how to get well; how much money to make and what products and services to offer (as of now, this is for companies only); what loans to get; how much money to keep after paying taxes on whatever monies these individuals choose; and on and on and on.

These people have as much power over the common citizenry as George III and his aristocracy.  And they are just as arbitrary. 

From the thin air of so-called environmentalism, President Obama has ruled that the electric-car industry will be born, with hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars spent.  The most-efficient energy source for transportation, gasoline, will be regulated away by fiat.  Arbitrary?  Most definitely.  No one asked me if I want an electric car.  (I don't.)  American citizens will be forced to purchase health insurance; it is not a huge leap of faith to see the government forcing American citizens to only purchase electric cars.  Evidence is that most citizens don't  want to buy them.  A $7,500 bribe of taxpayer money is only the start!

And doubt not: all this legislation is to achieve one end: dictating the rule of so-called-progressive politicians on American citizens.  These "laws" are all fuzzy and non-specific in order to attract campaign contributions for Democrats (so-called-progressive politicians) from lobbyists trying to buy advantage and to encourage lawsuits by tort/trial lawyers who tithe a portion of their vast, uncountable riches to those self-same Democrats, incorrectly labeled "law" makers.  The final nail in the coffin of American capitalism comes from the other major financier of Democrat/progressives: labor union bosses.  In exchange for their power over government workers, they finance the campaigns of Democrats who set their wages, perks and retirements.

My personal wake begins today for American freedom. 

The Democratic Party has successfully launched and won the takeover of the American economy and society.  With it, they will preside over the dismantling of the AMERICAN (and World-wide) DREAM, may it Rest in Peace.

Super-sad American

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