Friday, August 13, 2010


The Democrats in Congress (minus two, but plus two Republicans) passed a $26,000,000,000 (that's billion) bill to spend $16 billion bailing out various states which are running gigantic deficits -- with strings attached!  But never mind the fine print, in all likelihood it was voted in without anyone reading it.  ("Trust us" says Pelosi and Reid.)  This will help struggling states' Democratic politicians out during this upcoming election.  Being that Democratic-run states -- with their profligate spending for unions -- are in the worst shape, they'll undoubtedly gain more from this, think California, Illinois, and New York.  Rather than make their states more efficient, governors know that Obama will simply borrow from China to keep their states afloat.  Efficiency, cost cutting?  Who needs it anyway, when we've got our Sugar Daddy Barack?  We can put off to another day a return to reality, we've got elections to buy! And we've got China, who'll be loaning us the money!
 $10,000,000,000 (yes, again billion) will  go directly to teachers' unions via the states.  Not necessarly to TEACHERS, because admin bureaucrats make up a goodly portion of teachers' [sic] union membership.  Just to remind you, teachers-unions' bosses are major supplier of campaign contributions to the Democratic Party.  A good guess might be that 2% of that $10 billion will go into union coffers, which adds up to a couple hundred million.  Something like 90% of teachers' union bosses' campaign contributions go to Democrats and, say, if 20% of dues goes to campaigning, Democrats would augment their campaigns by $30,000,000 (if my math is correct!) directly from the backs of our children and grandchildren in an one-time shot against Republicans.  China is simply the intermediary, IF our children and grandchildren can repay China.  If not, they will go to work for China (in the U.S.A.!)  Actually Democrats say they'll pay for [sic] it by slashing poor people's food stamps (who needs the poor?  They can't contribute much to Democrats)  And from that old trusty source, evil, blood-sucking,greedy corporations (the same ones who employ people, but not enough union workers.  Dems say: We don't need jobs we need union jobs so we can use their dues to get reelected.)


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