Wednesday, September 29, 2010


President Barack Obama directly or indirectly is the chairman of the United States Postal Service.  How is he doing?  Great, according to his metrics.  It lost $3,500,000,000 last QUARTER, annualized, that number would be $14,000,000,000!  Total expected losses over the next ten years?  Nearly one-quarter of a TRILLION DOLLARS.  PRIVATIZE!  No, Obama can't afford to.  There are 600,000 voters working for him in the USPS, making an average of $83,000 a year (in wages and benefits, about 50% above the rest of us us, on average).  Yes mostly uniionized with a portion of their wages going to elect Democrats.  Obama's solution?  Raise the cost of postage in this bitter, deep recession;  yes, of course, USPS is a government-established monopoly.  Even so it's being killed in part by FedEx and UPS.  In part by cluless management who want to keep the workers happy and voting Democratic.

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