Wednesday, September 29, 2010


After fifty years of central command, control and ownership of its economy Cuba is admitting that central control does not work.  DOES NOT WORK.   President Obama, on the other hand, either is so ideological he is clueless or he wants his own power at any cost to America.

Anyway for the first time in its history Cuba will lay off 500,000 state workers of its roughly 5,000,000 workers.  Until this move, unemployment was about 0% in Cuba.  Uncle Fidel will seek to boost (from virtually nothing) private enterprise in Cuba.  Interestingly enough, to whom will the private entrepreneurs sell stuff?  Pay in Cuba is about $20 PER MONTH, not bad unless you want to buy something.  And last week FIdel was quoted by a far-left magazine writer that communism no longer works. 


Now unsaid is whether the so-called wonderful, progressive social safety net, that Obama and his progressives so look up to,  will pay enemployment insurance.  I'd say start at $20 a month.

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