Tuesday, June 5, 2012

President Obama a Killer.

  • President Obama has taken for himself the right to arbitrarily kill innocent people - people not indicted, tried nor found guilty of anything.

    Obama is, therefore, a killer. He has ordered the deaths of American citizens and recently in Pakistan, another human being: Abu Yahya al-Libi. Do you or I know what this man did? Was he found guilty of anything? Under our laws, he is, therefore, innocent. Yet, our president ordered him killed. I have no idea what this man did or did not do, and I will never know. If that isn't frightening ...to all American citizens I don't know what is.

    You Democrats who read the NY Times and saw the networks excoriate former president Bush for "enhanced interrogation" -- waterboarding included -- and agreed that his actions were wrong, against the law and against humanity ("torture") , how can you condone arbitrary killings ordered by our president? HAVE YOU EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT IT? What if it was a mistake and many, many innocent human beings have been killed by these drones. "Collaterial damage".

    You Democrats who are against capital punishment, after trials by juries of peers, and appeal after appeal, typically twenty years and $20,000,000 how can you accept arbitrary killings with the president of the United States being sole judge, jury and executioner by proxy. HOW CAN ANY OF YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELVES?

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