Monday, July 23, 2012


Another killer emerged in Aurora, Colorado.  There can be no doubt reasonable or unreasonable that the man did the reprehensible, cowardly act.  No doubt.

But in our present society which protects the individual instead of society, the man will spend upwards of $50,000,000 of taxpayers' dollars and twenty or thirty years until he is "brought to justice".[sic]

The brilliant Founding Fathers and authors of our Constitution invented a true justice system that sought the truth.  Together the prosecutors and defenders wanted a fair outcome.  No guarantees of perfection, since human beings invented and must operate it, but as fair a system to society as possible. 

That has been destroyed by the so-called "progressive" or liberal philosophy (of electing Democrats) which protects the individual over society.  Not the greatest good for the greatest number.  To them it is "us vs them" where a defendant has more rights than society and those rights are strictly designed to allow a defending lawyer to use anything, truth or fiction, to win freedom for his client.  It is not the truth he or she is after, it is winning.  Even when winning means letting a killer free.  Because in winning the attorney gains notoriety which brings him fame and fortune.  The spotlight!  That overwhelms in our progressive society.

There is no doubt this killer killed all 12 innocent Americans.  No doubt.  Yes, he is presumed innocent and should be.  But his lawyers should be charged with getting to the truth not getting him off by any tortured means they can invent.  We all know the truth: the man killed.  Why devote $50,000,000 and twenty years?

I am sure there are those who want to consider the man's upbringing and his motives to ameliorate his punishment.  There are those who will blame society, capitalism, competition whatever.  Regardless, I can't believe anyone would think that he did not perform those insane random murders.

Is it time to discuss the issue of the individual versus society as a whole?  It can't happen in our environment where about half of the country (Democrats) don't want any discussion of anything troubling, they want their views upheld and legislated.  PERIOD!

Now this killer doesn't have to worry about studying for this Ph. D. or experiencing excruciating oral exams.  He will live off society and enjoy publicity and fame for twenty or thirty years, or the rest of his life.

We are on a fullcrum.  Vote Obama for more of the same.  Vote Romney for true change with hope for a free future where society can be supported over one individual.

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