Wednesday, August 22, 2012

AKIN propaganda

Winning isn't everything.  Maybe for the Liberals, but look at what havoc that has reaped on the United States.  But the Bush/Republicans didn't stop the trajectory.  I know nothing about Akin, except that he has been blasted beyond recognition by the media and the Left (well, that's the same thing) as expected.  But by the Right?  That's shameful and indicative of the hopelessness of this election.  Republicans in lockstep at the bidding of the Left-wing media simply abandoned a viable candidate, Akin.  The reason the Republicans might not win the Senate is right there in their typical action: don't upset the Left-wing media that hates them and that for which they stand.  It is same old, same old, reason they always lose, and might again.

Akin's comments - taken wrong, probably on purpose - weren't off the mark.  A woman's body INVOLUNTARILY  can and in some unknown number of cases does reject a foreign body when it (her body) is under duress such as in rape.  The woman's body reacts and she has no control over such rejection or not.  I believe that the notion of voluntary - her "choice" not to get pregnant - is the purposeful misinformation by the Left of what he meant.  Such bodily rejection action is completely out of her control, but as with organ rejection is either done or not done involuntarily by the body.

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Anonymous said...

does it bother you that the democrats spent 2 mil to make sure he won the primary? why do we need to give them the opponent they want?