Friday, August 31, 2012

God-given Rights and nature-given truths

The Declaration of Independence declares that there are certain truths granted by God, or if one prefers, nature.  And in thinking about it, they all seem logical.

All men are created equal; "man" includes women, of course.  The equality part means that to be born, we are all equal in that we have:  Life, which is a given if we are born.  Liberty was a new concept back then given a long history of kings, nobility having ownership, virtual or not over all the rest of us.  But why shouldn't all of us have it?  The Pursuit of Happiness, whatever it is and however each of us choose to use our freedom to pursue it.  Equality clearly doesn't mean equality as in we are all the same.  That also is clear given height, weight, health and IQ of newborns.

To secure these things anarchy hadn't worked nor absolute kingships.  So governments had to be invented in order to secure the above.  And it happened.  Those unequal men of the U. S. Revolution not only led Americans in war, and won it, but did invent the most innovative government structure ever invented.  (On its second try!)

Back then life in America was hard-scrabble and bereft of physical comfort.  From that came what we have and what we are today. 

There were two underlying foundations of the United States.  One was a God.  The other was commerce.

Today both are under fire.

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