Sunday, September 30, 2012

Secretary of State Clinton Resigns

The election is over, President Barack Obama wins a second term.  His administration slowly begins hinting that the  atrocity in Benghazi came as a result of lax management at the State Department and that Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was assessing the situation.  The media picked up on the line and began an accelerating diminishment of the secretary.  The day after his inauguration his administration releases a press release accepting her resignation.  Immediately denials commenced from the State Department with the administration suggesting that the release was "unauthorized" and only a draft based upon private conversations.  Several noisy days later the Secretary of State offered her resignation saying she had fulfilled her goals she had set out when she first accepted the position. She is "looking forward to rejoining private life out of the spotlight".  The president "reluctantly" accepted it, saying it while was lamentable that the incident in Libya put a cloud over her career otherwise highly successful.

To paraphrase: Hilary Clinton was pushed under the bus to obfuscate President Obama's poor record in foreign affairs.  Mr. Obama diminished her future possibilities as a presidential candidate.

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