Saturday, May 25, 2013


In a Wall Street Journal article -- Obama Resets War on Terror -- (Friday, May 24, 2012, Front Page)

President Obama continued his effective dismantling of the strongest military in the world.  The U. S. military won World War II, engaged in Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan attempting to show the world that democracy, freedom (of speech, religion and assemble)  and free enterprise created the most free, prosperous, moral country in the world history.  It has protected its friends and engaged its foes, not always with success, but "failures" came from political decision not military. 

While slowly withdrawing from the world scene militarily, the private, corporate sector is being pushed out front by the United States federal government with mandates, laws and regulations to step forward with its brand of morality: higher wages, more worker protections, product safety, environmental conservation, and similar endeavors.  At the same time the U. S. is selectively joining international bodies to promulgate additional rules and regulations and giving up national legislation for international.

Obama said: "This war [the so-called 'War on Terror'], like all wars, must end.  That's what history advises.  That's what our democracy demands."

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