Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Power and the Second Civil War

Power. That is the goal. The Progressives know how to gain and retain it.  To them, nothing else counts. That goes for the Progressive media as well. Republicans are still caught up in right and wrong, individualism and capitalism-- political campaign-losing attributes. And they do lose.   A constant secular decline since the Presidents Roosevelt.  There you have the answer to most everything political in America today. 

The Progressives know how to use their power to gain even more power. The electorate for the most part is kept ignorant (after being made ignorant by a Progressive-leaning educational system) by a Progressive media and entertainment industry.   Voters are kept focused on abortion, gay stuff, the White Advantage and a hatred of the unfairness of  "profits" -- their measure of good (no profits) and bad (more profits) -- while the Progressive bureaucrats are strangling the so-called, now former, free markets with minute regulations over every breath we take. The electorate spouts "war on women", "rights", "fairness", "consumer protection" and so on, while their (our) very freedoms are constantly being stolen from us.  Our individual freedoms to make unwise decisions, buy what we want, get hurt and be imperfect are taken from us and given to the vast Progressive-government monstrosity to collectively administer over us. The Rule of Law -- where rights and wrongs are written down as laws to be followed by all of us (relatively) equally -- has been bypassed by spur-of-the-moment and wildly arbitrary "trust me it's for your own good" dictates mandated mostly by unelected, government-protected deeply-partisan human beings.   

It is over. The Second Civil War, bloodless at least, has been lost. Progressives have successfully segmented Americans into separate factions to gather a majority (something understood by our Founders who now-unsuccessfully attempted to diminish by a carefully-constructed political system).  Progressives now own the country.


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