Saturday, August 17, 2013

Progressives set the rules, Republicans Obey. And Bray.

"Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never harm you."  That was good knowledge from Mom and Dad.  And I have followed it, even being called "Birdlegs" then "Buzzard" and not fighting back.  Those bulliess (now against the law of society, but completely human) would have felt better if I would have fought back, either with a fist or words.  But I didn't.  I won they lost.

Get it?

But your falling for the Progressives' rule -- words harm -- means that they win, and you don't.  Unless you're a progressive in which case you lose, too.  (But Progressives probably won't be reading this, since they don't like to hear disagreement.  Another win for Progressives.)  Words might make you feel badly, some obviously do, but hurt you?  I doubt it.  But with the entire Progressive nation saying and repeating over and over again that words harm, you start to believe it.  NOT SO. 

There is a new industry invented by Progressives: Trayvonism.  It is reaping media rewards and helping Oprah promote her movie about some dead Negro White House butler of seventy years or something.  And Al Sharpton gets paid cash money dealing in Trayvonism.  WHY?  Because Trayvonism is not about some kid with a black nose getting killed.  Or the killer getting set free by a Constitutional jury of his peers.  It is about words harming.  Clearly a bullet harmed the man.  But not words, or one particular word, Nigger or nigger of which there's no evidence Zimmerman called him anyway, but no matter, he "could" have.  So let's move on to emotions.

Here's the problem.  How a person "feels" (as though anyone but that singular person can know anyway) has become important as a method by which Progressives define and frame arguments.  Republicans (or Tea Party conservatives, or "the Right") simply then argue on an uphill slope; they accept that bad "feelings" are, ummm dangerously harmful and should be cured (by Progressives according to Progressives, naturally) and try painfully to show that in fact they -- the Right -- don't use "bad" words.  They do, of course, since most everyone does.   

But it has gone further, much further.  According to the Progressive doctrine, and accepted unchallenged by conservatives, "feeing" like you might -- might, not did, miss a meal; or might -- might, not did, lose a job; or one of the greatest harms known to mankind -- actually feel insecure about the economy.  According to Progressives all these are ailments to be fixed.  WHY?  If you feel like you might have to give up a movie to buy food aren't you being able to make a choice?  Isn't
"choice" beneficial?  Should the government eliminate that particular emotion of "feeling" you might miss a meal?

 Why not say, as my parents did, "Sticks and stones may break your bones but words (or in this case emotions) will never harm you."  Progressives have the Right and everyone else believe that words harm you.  They might make you angry or uncomfortable or feel bad or something, but harm you?  NO!  But probably every one of you reading this agree that words harm.  Fight back, you chickenshitted loser.  (Did that harm you?)

Now do you see why Republicans lose and Progressives win?  Progressives establish the playing field and set the rules.  Republicans, like nice little sheep, obey and bray.  (Losers!)


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