Thursday, May 14, 2015

The World Needs Jeb Bush

In his blog Bernard today, Bernard Goldberg declares that The Donald will not run for president, again.

 I respond:

I for one am sick and tired of a narcissist mismanaging our country and the world.  Trump would be unable to work with anyone else or certainly to give a modicum of credit to anyone else.  Sound familiar?  That is the situation the world faces with who I like to characterize as the President of the Democrats. Obama has attempted naive resets with killers around the world: Putin, Assad, the Castros, and now the Ayatollah of Iran. These people have taken advantage of Obama's dangerous ego coupled with his absolute ignorance of much of anything except how to convince the ignorant and naive to elect and reelect him. With the outright anti-Republican support of the New York Times, and its branches of "news" (sic) papers around the country including the Seattle Times; the wrongly labeled popular media assisted: NBC MSNBC CBS ABC PBS NPR CNN. Plus the educational establishment,   entertainment industry and more. All want LiberalProgressiveDemocrats to control this country. Why? Because they seem to think the Left is standing firm against The Man who they see as businesses and Republicans.  While in reality The Man is the Democratic Party clinging to its near-absolute power. Its destructive-to-prosperity union bosses, trial lawyers and non-profits that take the money created by businesses and use it to destroy those businesses. It is working, our growth after the Democrat-run federal government-caused recession has been miserable while the government has thrown billions around to keep its power, calling it "stimulus."

The world is on fire from dictators' uprisings or plunges into near-anarchy: Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Burundi and others I can't remember or spell.

Russia and the Peoples Republic of China are ominously threatening us and former allies in the Gulf states, Egypt and Israel (and France, Germany and England) are distancing themselves from a confused and weak America. 

All the while, Obama is worried that there aren't enough women here running businesses or that homosexuals can't get married or that some people succeed while others don't.  And he states that the greatest threat facing our country and the world is...the sun.  Hun?  Yep, Global Cooling (the '70s and '80s), Global Warming (the '90s and '00s), and now that those two labels have been proven wrong: Climate Change (no duh, it ALWAYS changes). "The End of the World is NIgh!" Malthus stated in the 1700s and now Obama promises that centuries later.. WTF?  Are most Americans just wanting to be fooled? And hasn't humanity proven the ability to innovate to solve every problem since 5 billion years BC (Oops, that is not politically correct, it's B. C. E. now.  Look it up.) Either you believe in "We the People" (Republicans) or you do not (Democrats)!

So in reality, the world NEEDS an experienced, solid, sober, comfortable, intelligent, modest pro-business president with a sense of humor. That leads only to one person who can win: Jeb Bush. The country and the world are at the brink.  The U. S. can die from bitter Progressive oppression of any single person or organization that disputes the primacy of its funding groups (freedom of speech): union bosses, trial lawyers (the quiet thieves), environmental billionaires, and the moral superiority of its "squeeky wheel" microrities who reap billions of dollars in payola: The gay, the rich, those with darker-colored skin, government workers and the less-than-1%ers.  True that covers most everyone in the country except the rational, the hard-working, the employers.  Bush has a better chance of capturing the non-Hillarites.

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