Friday, July 31, 2015


The Democrats and its media (The New Tork Times, the Megaphone of the Left, and the Alphabet of Propaganda: NBC CBS ABC AP NPR PBS MSNBC CNN) count and highly publicize every black person (no matter what) shot and killed by any police officer.  The Republicans and Fox News count and highly publicize every American citizen killed by any Illegal Immigrant.  Is this really about black lives or American citizens?  I argue F no, it is lies and BS for power, raw power of the politicians.  You and I fall for it.  Just call bullshit on Obama and his devotees. And on Fox News for announcing truth.  Illegal Immigrants are...illegal. They kill Americans While they are innocent until proven guilty of murder, they are guilty of being illegally here.  Most police officers protect us from criminals. They legally shoot and kill suspects and criminal perpetrators but should not be above the law. But videos are not proof and the media is not jury in a court of law.

With the police, the far-Left media should, but do not generally withhold, judgment until a jury decides if the incident goes to trial. Split second decisions, belief that their lives are at risk, are complex and shouldn't be decided by a newscaster or talking head. Again, most police do a dangerous  well, but they, too, are human with emotions. In most, if not all cases, the black people killed were or had been committing a crime, however minor, but a crime.

With Illegal Immigrants reports of the crime of murder with sometimes reports of a perpetrator's verbal admission that he did it, is news not opinion.  See the difference?

But trading deaths for votes is disgusting.  While I am a conservative, and biased, I can say truthfully that the Democrats started it.  I am glad a Republicans are speaking out,

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