Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Freddie Gray is dead. So is America

Baltimore, Maryland: Mistrial over the death of Freddie Gray.  No duh!  If I were on the jury I would be afraid of any verdict except "No Verdict" / Mistrial.

Not Guilty! Will bring anarchy, riot, burnings and no doubt a speech by the President of the Democrats saying nothing, but intimating that justice was not served, that police killings of black people (all nice ones, since there are no black criminals, only victimized ones) happen too much and that the Justice Department will investigate it all.

A verdict of Guilty would bring white castigation of overreach by the city of Baltimore and prosecutors. And anarchy, riot, burnings in joyous celebration of justice achieved with a happy speech of the President of the Democrats telling us lecturing us on how police cannot continue mass killings of unarmed, innocent black youth simply minding their own business.  And new national initiatives for the intense training of all police on diversity, acceptance of those unlike ourselves, and how to behave in a community with trust in the people of the communities.  And expectations of further guilty verdicts.

The police truly are in no-win situations. Many Progressive Democrats consider black folks victims of white racism and implicitly never guilty of anything since their actions have always been caused by white advantage. The police are supposed to be community organizers allowing and taking every slight by inaction when all heavy action would trigger bad responses by the community.

Whether the legal process of our country is acceptable to Black Lies Matter and Handsup Don't Shoot "activists" is yet to be seen.  New trial coming up.

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