Sunday, December 27, 2015

Which Comes First, Poverty or Inequality?


1. It is not poverty that creates inequality but inequality that creates inequality. Nomatter what the Progressive Democrats (PeeDees) proclaim everyone of is different. Different in IQ, motivation, height, eye color, body color and thought, Inequality cannot be "fixed", so simply accept humanity as it actually is, not some fantasyworld.  Trying to fix something that is an inescapable component of humanity can only bring unhappiness.

2. The vilification of "inequality" is an unhealthy PeeDee fixation on money over happiness and satisfaction. They consciously attempt -- and succeed at causing us to be unhappy with our lot in life no matter what it is. Except Democrat politicians, billionaires, government-fed leeches, and Harvard elites are supposed to bring We the People happiness since they are above us. (We are "unequal to them" since only they know how we must think, act and behave.) Double standard?

3. Most of us are average, some are above-average and some below-average. Accept it. All together, the average, under-average and over-average make up us. PeeDees want us separated by their standards of: How you vote, body color, social thought, ethnicity, sexual decisions, for or against killing your own fetus, acceptance or rejection of gun ownership, love of internal combustion engines, belief in humans causing or not causing any change in climate over the world, the climate changing, God, and many other attributes. The PeeDees and their mouthpieces, such as the Megaphone of the Left, the New York Times and the Alphabet of Propaganda, NBC CBS ABC CNN PBS NPR AP and the bottom, MSNBC, tell you -- demand -- how you must think. And if you disagree the Left can destroy you socially and economically by getting you fired. THE LEFT MEANS BUSINESS.

4. It is all about power anyway, raw power of PeeDees over " We the People!" Their Black Lies [sic] Matter and Handsup Dont Shoot henchmen are similar to the Nazi Brown Shirts who cowed Germans into submission by using Jews as strawmen targets. In PeeDee Amerika it is the "White Race" [sic, since there is no such reality as "race" it is a political invention] who they can demonize because in truth they -- white male achievers -- that have accomplished almost all that is great in the United States. They -- WHITE MALES must be eliminated as many PeeDee university teachers are teaching today. As long as the achievers are alive they can undermine the PeeDee demand for authority.  Tyranny if you will.

Happy New Year

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