Friday, February 26, 2016


Speaking of confused. The Chairman of the Federal Reserve System, Janet Yellen seems to be clueless. The economy seemed to be doing OK as her hundreds or perhaps thousands of little busy bees had prognosticated. Or perhaps as with the president of the U. S, she distills all this disparate data in her mind, discusses it with her closest advisors (perhaps those who hold the same beliefs about the fuel and infrastructure that energizes the economy. Perhaps those who disagree with her, so she actually has differing disparates. Perhaps she has "wide-ranging" discussions, perhaps she seeks out confirming biases. Who knows? But one thing to be always kept in mind: NO ONE CAN ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE. They guess just like you and I edo. You may well be right as many times as she is. On  thing is pretty certain: The media will celebrate those who guessed right. And those who did not guess correctly, more than likely will mostly be ignored, perhaps identified as wrong.

As she lives and breathes, the markets react. Good economy she says, markets go up; except the artificial stimulus might be reversed. Markets go down; except the economy might be weak, markets go down; except that might mean more money printing and mortgage buying, markets go up; or not, markets go down.

You might ask why our country's economy is so weak -- the weakest "recovery" ever from a recession -- and now you know. Barack and Janet have no clue. And anyway Barry wants the capitalist system dead.


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