Sunday, February 28, 2016


Just ruminating.

Remember the spontaneous uprising that was the Tea Party? And how the New York Times, the Megaphone of the Left, the Alphabet of Propaganda, NBC CBS ABC AP PBS NPR CNN and MSNBC along with the President of the Democrats crushed it through intimidation, lies and obfuscation (along with the Obama government's IRS investigations and crippling of Tea Party non-profits).  It was an optimistic organization wanting smaller government, freedom of religion, and more choices through free enterprise. But, of course, the Left cannot have optimism, it must destroy the belief that the United States of America is good, beneficial and has brought prosperity to the world. No, Obama's America is unequal, unfair, racist, sexist, genderist, and every other ist. It needs a Progressive Authoritarian Dictator to tell us how to think, talk and act. By the way, HE is the enlightened ONE who knows how we should live our lives. (You think Trump is a narcissist!)

The Tea Party was killed.

Along comes Donald Trump who has been a Democrat, a Republican, essentially a political agnostic but a big success in the free markets. Anathema to Progressive Democrats. He has dealt with politicians, bought them, negotiated with them to gain what he wanted and won. Would he engage with Congress, unlike Obama?  Who knows? But Trump seems to love America, unlike Obama. So his goal might well be to make it great again, unlike Obama who wanted to completely restructure it, believing the Founders of the country and Authors of our Constitution were old, out of touch, rich racists needing to be dishonored. He tried and has ended up with a mess, an unorganized mismanaged mess. Rather than Hope and Change, we got a Hopeless, flat economy without banks lending for growth. For Change, we got a monumental explosion of micromanagement of business and finance from zealous, anti-capitalist, anti-business Obamaistas, not only regulations but demands that companies hire thousands or tens of thousands of bean-counters to report to the federal government every time everyone goes to the toilet. Obama second guesses business and sues for inadvertent mistakes. As for promoting competition, innovation and growth, Obama doesn't understand...Trump does.

Now the Far-left and Far-right hate the thought of a non-Progressive or non-conservative taking the reins of the country. But Obama and his flock complain that conservatives block all his progress, "his" being the operative word, not "ours." Trump will negotiate, shouldn't they want that? Conservatives demand litmus tests against abortion, illegal immigration "amnesty" and same-sex marriage. Perhaps Trump is a middle-of-the-road moderate. For growth in the economy first for strength of free enterprise. Apparently social conformity is what they want not a growing economy. So if 20% of America is Far-left and 20% Far-right, 60% will vote for Trump.

The next President of the United States: Donald J. Trump.

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