Thursday, March 3, 2016


Mitt-toast spoke. He, who is one of Trump's "losers," (no doubt there) said Trump is dangerous, unfit, a danger, the Devil incarnate...whatever.

But could it be Romney simply doesn't want a fellow businessman to win after Romney should have won in 2012 but was too lame (in my view) to stand up for 1) business 2) free enterprise 3) venture capital 4) capital 5) capitalism 6) freedom from government 7) other stuff. If the man could not proudly call out the anti-American, anti-business Megaphone of the Left, The New York Times, and his anti-law, anti-American opponent while defending that what he did in venture capital and private enterprise: creating prosperity and jobs. [Like the run-on sentence?] And defending and defining "profits" and the America that is (was?) great. He actually had the election if he would have been proud of his own accomplishments. He was not (or possibly was too polite) and lost. Why would anyone listen to him castigate the Republican front runner, who has brought out Republicans to vote in greater numbers than Mitt-toast did? And more independents are joining Trump's Republican Party?

It is about power.

Trump does not need lobbyists, rich contributors, the powerful, the Elites. Nor does he need The New York Times or, for that matter, Fox News. He does not need the same people Bernie is rejecting (and gaining a huge following). The same people The Bitter Old Bitty with Baggage NEEDS. Rubio supporters, who want and can get something from him.

Huh? So both Bernie and Trump have "We the People" on their sides. From 100% different angles. One from socialism and tight authoritarian control over everyone's lives, taking from the successful and doling it out carefully to advocates, adherents and those wanting a free ride. The other -- Trump -- comes from freedom, the right to choose (choose your life not simply to kill fetuses) and the right to try to accomplish.

Trump is a person to look up to, with respect, a little envy, but an enjoyable winner. An icon with a sense of humor in a humorless profession.

Sanders is a person to want something free from.

Both want to end "Citizens United" -- the buzz word meaning money in politics -- in their own way. Sanders by fiat, Trump by freedom. Both are desperately threatening to the Elites with power, raw power over "We the People."

These Elites, both Left and Right,  crushed the Tea Party. The Tea Party is on a surge for Trump (Trump Party)? Surge for Trump! A great marketing phrase, since the surge in Iraq was winning until Obama's arbitrary and stupid retreat not under fire except by politicians. The Elites are running scared and fighting back like a caged tiger, a mother bear, a threatened politician.

The only reason so many are lining up against Trump is fear. The question is: Is it fear of chaos? Yes, Trump will bring chaos. ("Out of Chaos, Comes Order" said Nietzsche.)  Is it fear of Elites hanging on to the status quo of their power? Trump doesn't need them, so...yes. Will Trump be a crazy man with the bomb, like Putin, Kim Jong-un or the Ayatollahs? Unlikely since he'd want to protect his wealth from them. Is he a racist? Misogynist? Democrat? Whatever. He's no Black Lives Matter racist. No Clinton. Seems to have a nice wife and kids.

More periodically later.

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