Wednesday, May 25, 2016

BUT SERIOUSLY. The Democrats/Progressives/Left parade and lustily objectify near-naked butts, tits, other female parts to titilate and attract viewers, readers and listeners so they can greedily cob big money, big bucks from capitalism.   

And they vilify a man who attracts attractive women, hires thousands of women, and promotes them to high levels of managerial employment. He seems to hire (and marry) for intelligence, capability, and supports them.  Trump has hired and promoted more females into private-sector, not government-ideological and make-up jobs, than all of the Democrats put together: Obama, Hillary, Biden, Bern Baby Bern, and the rest.

But the Democrat entertainment industry portrays themselves as "progressives" in everything. But showing tits is not progressive in my view. And let's not discuss the insane misogyny of hip-hip: Ho's, cash, guns and killing, stealing, hurting, diminishing, enslaving kid-whores in film and music. These Democrats are trash yet give millions to Obama, Hillary to extend their filthy, lucrative lives.

AND then they praise a female-user-abuser, Bill Clinton and his enabler, Hillary. AND WHY THE F* WOULD ANY "FEMINIST" VOTE FOR HER???? Or if you are an honest female or feminist why would you vote for ANY DEMOCRAT.  Answer anyone??????

Please share this with an answer.

My thought:
Power is #1 for Democrats, Money is #2. IN order to maintain this, they need an uneducated citizenry.  Voila, the Teachers Union Bosses deliver. As low as only 25% (some say 34%) of high school seniors are capable of performing at college levels. And for African Americans -- the core support for Democrat -- the numbers are worse. Success for Democrats is measured by failure of kids in education. Then raise the minimum wage to price kids out of starting wages. Then "give" them stuff from food stamps to cash for having illegitimate children and absent fathering.

But you don't know this because the Megaphone of the Left -- the New York Times -- and the Alphabet of Propaganda -- NBC CBS ABC CNN AP NPR PBS and if it's still alive msnbc -- WILL NOT TELL YOU ANY OF THIS. Thus, you remain uneducated about the truths of the Obama USA.

As Michelle Obama meant: Ignorance is Bliss. Let me take care of you. With Rich Republicans' tax money.

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