Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Trump and the United States, Part 2 from Monday

Trump won the primary in Indiana last night. The state to which a great grandfather of mine settled (in Lafayette) after emigrating from Dublin, Ireland in the mid-1800s. Cruz and Kasich gave up their Don Quixote lunges, leaving Donald Trump the Republican candidate presumably. Unless the Republican powers-to-be elect Hillary Clinton.  No matter what the left-wing pollsters and media (The Megaphone of the Left, The New York Times, the Washington Post and the Alphabet of Propaganda, NBC CBS ABC CNN AP, NPR, PBS, and useless msnbc, proclaim, Trump has the momentum and Hillary the boredom. "They" still announce that Hillary will trounce Trump and take back Congress. I believe that most -- way-most non-Democrat Lemming-  -- Americans are sick and tired of...a lousy economy, being told what to do and say by Washington, D. C. self-proclaimed elites, rabid anti-Christian, pro-Islam advocacy, ISIS, government inefficiency, and, for business owners and managers, a target on their backs, and their companies' backs, drawn arbitrarily by self-enriching politicians, billionaire investors and Obama. Finally their Christian beliefs are racist and bigoted and that they -- the religious -- must bend to whatever the Left tells them to do. Serve gay weddings, or eliminate in any toilet depending on how they "self-identify" or actually the entire concept of "self-identification" or feelings trumping the science of genders or reality.

The Left is telling them that free enterprise and capitalism are "rigged" against them while politicians -- especially the prexy and wife -- taxpayer-paid, fly around the world on vacation or dictating to former allies (England, Germany, Israel) and most every other country to love love love homosexuality, diversity, government and whatever else President Obama thinks of that day.  They do not like their protectors in police officers and the military being degraded by the afore-mentioned "leader of the free world."

They do not appreciate a man telling them and the world how evil their great and beloved country is, has been and always will be unless he -- President Obama alone -- can save it. They are uncomfortable that minority and minority minorities get all the publicity, energy and taxpayer money and they -- the majority "white" and Jewish people who have assimilated from their origins in Germany, England, Japan, China, Viet Nam, Mexico, South America and every other country -- are labeled racist, bigoted, automatically successful and undeserving. As if none had ever labored, worked, contributed, made their ways in the face of push-back and discrimination as well as intense competition for jobs and opportunities.

Trump is no litmus tester, Progressive only -- blue -- or with conservative principles -- red, the very thought and action that has separated the country more than ever except for the Civil War; in fact, this thinking is causing the Second Civil War in America for its heart and soul. Hopefully Trump will read up, listen to a broad array of competing experts (he knows them all) and make decisions not as blue (100% of Obama's decision-making) or red (conservative principles), but red, white and blue to actually benefit "We the People."

He has a long road in front of him. But it is up to him to detour off "The Road to Serfdom" that the Progressive tyranny has paved. Candidate Obama destroyed Candidate Hillary 8 years ago. He won with little history divulged (it still is tightly controlled by his campaign and the media) and no telegraphed clue that he would ignore the Constitution and Rule of Law and his oath or affirmation of office to defend it. Obama did not enforce Defense of Marriage Act, Immigration laws and drug enforcement among many other laws as he had sworn to do. Hillary's policies will be anything that assists and strengthens her self and party, including most all the Socialist Bernie wants. Against free enterprise business, for gigantic government and breaking up one of the most innovative, important and profitable industries: banking. Trump has hired thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people, he has fired, he has trained, he has succeeded. Trump has failed in some individual companies: Trump University, some casinos, and, I am certain, others. But he did not stop and cry, he learned, persevered and went on to take risks again. He embodies the American Spirit, the American Dream more than any other president EVER!


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