Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ho Hum Another New Record

Ho Hum a new mass murder record for another crazy Christian or Muslim or Atheist to beat. Forty-nine?  "I can better that," some crazy person is thinking as he is reading and hearing the media extravaganza  going on for a week. Orlando. He's thirsting at how that girl who rejected him in third grade, or the teacher made fun of him because he was quiet and got bullied, or the popular quarterback; they would now know who he was and how he set a new record. Or maybe he thinks how a belief in Allah might put him in heaven with a bunch of pretty girls wanting him, wanting him.  Wow, that's cool.

I have no clue why these monsters kill, maybe they don't either, But they do it and the world celebrates in solidarity (of what? Being caring, or, more likely being popular.)  Almost none of the celebrators knew anything about any of the dead or the grieving, and, of course this is not about the dead, it is about "me," the pundents, politicians, Democrats, trying to be popular. "How wondrously caring I am, how sad I am for 50 people randomly dead." They think to themselves, proudly.

True, all of us all will be dead, but when I die the world will not celebrate. Unless. Unless I  beat that Muslim's record of 49! 

Five hundred mostly black kids will be shot to death in Chicago this year. That should be a record for Obama's hood. He "organized" there which was about all he's ever done. And according to sources, he failed even at doing that. But 500 dead there this year should be celebrated as a local record.

The America of the Democratic Party in power rewards failure as success, success as failure.  Think about that.  It tries to boost the losers, train the untrainable and bestow degrees on everyone who "tries" (or parties) on the government's money. Diversity counts, not intelligence, not achievement, not effort, not benefitting anyone, just being black wins as clearly elucidated by President Obama,

Unions pay for Democrats to be elected. Democrats give back taxpayer money and power to union bosses. Workers get little, poor and minority kids get less, their education sucks but dealing drugs makes bank (and bullets). This is Obama's world where it is all made-up fantasy, not "where the world is, as it is," as Obama's role model Saul Alinsky wrote. Obama can't even get Alinsky right!

And we Americans are not safe;  he has failed at his premier job according to the Constitution.

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