Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The major L E G A C Y of the President of the Democrats major will be in leading the pell mell unmanaged expansion of the federal government and its control over America and Americans. Continuing what he thinks are America's values when they are nothing more than his "values" which are not values at all with any anchor of reality, but the few policies he could ram through Congress when he owned it, Obamacare being about it. The rest have mostly been lawless executive orders, unlawful and unconstitutional rules and regulations mandated by his agencies and bureaus with typically 2 (Democrat) to 1 (Republican) votes, if they even were needed and taken.  He absolutely rejected the American division of political power and bypassed Congress as being lazy, and blocking of his progress as needed immediately to make America great again.  Or something like that.

His greatest lawlessness was not in not enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act, the laws on illegal drugs and immigration or other laws passed by Congress and signed into law by whoever was then president (some white man). NO! It will be by releasing Hillary Clinton from being held accountable under the law as other Americans are. He needed her to be president only to spin his abject failure of eight years into a L E G A C Y. Eight more years of incompetence, inexperience and ideological/political-only decision-making may well leave the USA in near-insolvency, uncompetitive, growthless, with oppressive central control over all life, society, economy and politics, by the Progressive Socialist Democratic Party and its elites looking out for only themselves.  THAT will be his historical legacy (if the United States even exists then to write history) over the decades: failure. The popularity of killing fetuses, homosexuality, "equality," and "diversity" will be looked at as strange, weird and the downfall of the greatest experiment in politics in world history. The Deline and Fall of the United States of America. THAT will be the legacy of Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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