Thursday, May 21, 2009

Taking from the MANY to Enrich the FEW

This is a new, never-ending blog post. "Taking from the MANY to Enrich the FEW".

This will highlight steps, orders, laws and so on which takes money -- and rights -- from the many of politically-weak citizens and gives it to the few of Obama-favored, or perhaps to be more fair, Democrat-favored people, or special-interest groups, who can support, finance or otherwise re-elect Democrats, especially President Barack Obama.

Yesterday, the president ordered rigorous new federally-mandated gas mileage dictates for automobiles sold in the United States. 35.5 miles for each gallon of gasoline used by 2016. In part this was to preempt a smorgesbord of individual states rights. Many states, notably California, have established their own stringent standards by statute or threatened litigation. Obama-government-owned car industry entities agreed to the certainty of a single national diktat, as did others. That the technology isn't extant, nor consumer acceptance assured didn't matter; car companies can certainly simply make the cars lighter, thus killing more drivers. Of course, cars'll cost American consumers upwards of $1,300 more per car.

On the other hand, taking from consumers and giving to hugely-wealthy, jet-airplane-travelling trial- or tort- and class-action lawyer-supporters is Obama's order to allow exactly what the single auto-mileage standard stops: a gaggle of individual state laws to encourage said rich lawyers to sue companies. Oh, yes, to give our money to his supporters, Obama supports states' rights. Article, The Wall Street Journal, Thursday, May 21, 2009, page A 3:(, "Shift Toward State Rules..." In a two-page order Obama reversed former-president Bush's 10-year encouragement of single federal standards on a variety of issues for simplicity's sake. Happily celebrating was the lobby for trial lawyers, the humorously-named American Association of Justice (for lawyers).

Maybe the grandest money redistribution scheme is the "American Clean Energy and Security Act". Which will take money from companies -- Democrat-leaning farmers are already exempt from emissions caps, but looking to grap some dough -- such as dirty oil refiners, coal miners, steel producers and distribute it where the most campaign contributions flow (in my belief). One such entity will doubtless be the General Electric Company, whose Chief Executive Jeffrey Immelt sat next -- not sure if left side or right -- to god (President Obama) at a White House meeting May 20, 2009, of President Barack Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board. General Electric owns the former National Broadcasting Company (NBC) and MSNBC both inarguably propaganda arms of the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration. (In other news, President Obama is backing an agreement for the U. S. to share nuclear technology with the United Arab Emirates which, if it passes Congress, could mean billions of dollars for bidder the General Electric Company. Abu Dhabi has renounced its right to make weapons materials and agreed to U. N. inspections. Could this spark a Mideast nuclear arms race? Who cares as long as NBC gets supported.) Back to the "cap and trade" bill. This could dwarf FDR in its ambition to re-engineer United States social behavior and economy; President Obama stated he's "excited about the opportunity."

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