Thursday, May 28, 2009

The World Needs a Policemen

Think carefully of your city. Wherever it is. (Mine is Seattle.) Think of it without policemen. Truly think. Walk out the door heading to, say, the grocery store. Pass a big guy and he decides to take your purse. Maybe he pushes you, hits you, whatever, and simply takes your purse. (My former mother-in-law was mugged and had her purse stolen a couple months ago. Age? 92. The police found the guy and took him off the streets.) Then think if there were no police. Who would you call? What would you do? You could call a meeting of your friends, or, say, the others in your apartment building. Get together and form a committee. And talk. And talk. And talk. Then put up a note for the perpetrator not to do it again. Done. Feel better? But what will stop him from walking the streets in search of his next victim?

Now let us consider the world. It had a policeman with the United States of America. Fresh from winning World War II for the world, crushing fascism, Nazism and the Axis; we were the power. Then came Korea. I guess it was a truce, but it put North Korea and China in check. Next was the domino theory in Vietnam. Many Americans didn't think it was appropriate to attempt to put those Communists in check. Our citizens demonstrated, rioted, sat in, be-ed in (or be-ined), and so on and forced the United States out of that conflict. And ever since that internal conflict, our uncivil-war, the United States has withdrawn from the role of policeman. Except Ronald Reagan as world policeman stared down the Soviet Union, shattering it in 1991. Then came 9/11. And once again the United States became the policeman to try and force Saddam Hussein out of power for fear he was near to producing weapons of mass destruction. (He had used poison gas on his countrymen in the past.) Our country was pretty unified. But the invasion was poorly managed. And the Left struck. Some now argue that President Bush and his advisors lied about the whole matter. Others think that Iraq was the wrong target. But there was deja vu Vietnam all over again. Barack Obama became president of the United States in part based on the war in Iraq. OurHe is continuing the emasculation of our country by the Left. Why? Women don't like masculinity? Minorities are afraid of power abused? What is wrong with strength? The United States mostly has used it for good. Obama has power and is using it to completely restructure the society of the United States. Why is that power good, and similar power used as the international policeman bad?

Senator Obama also ran, and since becoming president, has speechified that the cause of the "greatest recession since the Depression" was caused by free markets. Free markets in finance and mortgages with a lack of regulation. No effective policeman. We need a policeman, he says.

Well Mr. President, there is now a free-market in nuclear weapons and missiles capable of delivering them. But no policeman. Yes, there's the United Nations, a gaggle of committees that can't commit. Bureaucrats bloviating. Sending notes to potential perps. North Korea, Iran, Taliban-Pakistan, Syria, Libya, wherever. They could be perps who don't read notes. The United States has withdrawn into its turtle shell, peeking out and asking friends to get together and form a committee to...write a note, send a "message"? There is no regulation. No policeman. But the consequence you can't grasp or acknowledge is that at some point a nuclear weapon might be dropped on, say, Israel, to pick a name out of a hat. Then what, Mr. President? What then? Why is the Left afraid of power?

There is no policeman, and the United States now doesn't have the will to be it. To the danger of the world. You think global warming is a century in the future, Mr. President? A nuclear weapon will hasten that up. Please think carefully of your city, your country, your world.


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