Monday, March 22, 2010

As of today I am a Democrat

We all need to be Democrats.

With the federal takeover of healthcare AND student lending after the takeover of the financial industry, auto industry, energy and education it is clear that our society and economy will be managed with a firm hand out of President Obama's office. Free enterprise will be gone and Equalitism and cronyism will flourish. Success will come from who you know and who you buy. Being a Democrat will give one an immediate leg up, so we all need to change to stay "competitive" (a word that will die out in usage.) Our president will not only fix prices, but product offerings and labor rates. As of today I am a Democrat.
I congratulate President Obama, his legacy is set.  He will come to be known as the man who put the final nail in U. S.-style capitalism.  While I have not yet seen him on television today I can assume that he will be puffed up like a peacock in heat.  (One might say that he is screwing the entire United States, but even I would not stoop that low.)
He will be revered by dictators, socialists and progressives around the world.  China, India, Brazil, and other economic competitors of the U. S. will cheer as they progressively munch on their luncheons of the United States.  Yum, you taste soooo good, I think I'll buy you.
Today I am a Democrat and proud of it.  Mr. President, my president, please send me some of those rich guy's money.
Thank you.
Superamerican.  (A proud Democrat!  And as of today I am retired.)

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