Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another Obama-caused Upcoming Disaster

Whirling Dervish indeed. Well he's at it again. OK, so the U. S. auto industry is on the ropes, with the recession, withdrawn consumer spending and Number One Toyota's run-in with U. S. trial lawyers and Number One competitor, the U. S. Government.

Government-owned General Motors is struggling desperately, falling behind arch-rival, non-U. S. government-owned Ford Motor Company in sales for the first time in about 50 years. FIFTY YEARS. And GM's Chief Executive Officer, President Obama's crony Rahm Emanuel's one-time business partner, Edward E. Whitacre Jr doesn't seem to know his ass from his elbow but is reorganizing GM's top executive officers for the second time in ... in three months. And yesterday, Mr. Whitacre forced out Bob Lutz, the executive with the most auto industry experience, VP at Ford and president of Chrysler where he pioneered quality.  At GM Vice Chairman Lutz overhauled design and qualtiy and presented more stylish vehicles.  However he once said about global warming, that it is "a crock of shit".  That must have put him on the wrong side of Obama's global warming religion and led to his departure. Wow, Eddy, give the guys a chance. But like his real boss (President Barack Obama) he's demanded to be Number One and will shuffle his execs daily until he...probably fails. His experience is NOT in autos or manufacturing. Typical of an inexperienced neophyte, he seems to think doing something is achieving something.

But all that is backstory. Sad though it is, with something like a near-$100,000,000,000 of taxpayer money thrown at GM and its one-time financing arm General Motors Acceptance Corporation, now GMAC. But Whitacre, who was put there as Chairman of the Board and immediately clawed for power, has nothing to lose spending another $100,000,000,000 of not-his-money. Talk about incentives! And Obama, if luck is a lady and GM survives, might keep the reins of his obsessively-needed power and acceptance.

And how does the boss of bosses try to help out? According to the Wall Street Journal (March 3, 2010, page B 1, "U. S. May Push New Brake System") by mandating that all new U. S. vehicles have systems that stop a car when both accelerator and brake pedals are pushed. WHAT THE F? Why would he increase the price of U. S. vehicles by, what? $1,000 - $2,000, when people can't afford to buy them now at today's prices. Not only will it raise costs, but it solves an only-perceived problem of sudden acceleration that, if true, anyway has killed only 50 people, and that's a stretch. And it solves that, let's say, manufactured problem (manufactured by trial lawyers who, slathering for settlements, have filed scores of lawsuits against Toyota)  which trial lawyers and Democrat Congresspeople say is caused by the very electronic systems that will be needed for the mandated high-technology braking-override system.  (More slathering by trial lawyers and their Democrat money-recipients.  They can't wait for THIS mandate.)

No dear readers, this is true.   And not stupidity: Democrats will get funded by trial settlements, car companies will pay and the anti-business "populists" win political points.

The United States will fall further behind in manufacturing.  Taxpayers will surely lose their cash the Democrats put in GM to save the unions, when GM dies again (although Obama/Whitacre can easily drop another $100,000,000,000 into it).  Thousands more unemployed.  U. S. cars will be less affordable.

The U. S. will decline further as anti-business liberals seem to desire.

All this after Obama "saved" the car companies for a month by destroying $8,000,000,000 of perfectly operable cars, which the "less-fortunate" could afford in his "Cash for Clunkers".  Now: gone, destroyed.


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