Friday, March 26, 2010

How do you spell "BACKBONE"?

It is crystal clear to me that many if not most Republican politicans now and over history have no backbones. As a result we get our country dictated to by a small handful of power-mad meglomaniacs.  They give socialism a bad name.   Mediocrity is on its Enjoy!  We all have caused it. Democtrats certainly power is in their blood, but also Republicans and conservatives frightened of, I guess, not being popular with, yes, Democrats and the left-wing media. Why else is this happening?  Seems the Republicans love their cushy jobs as much as Democrats. 

Who is standing up and clearly shouting, "business is the engine of freedom", "unions kill jobs", "rich "corporate"-jet-owning tort lawyers kill jobs". Democrats kill jobs...(Well, that's not completely accurate.  "Democrats kill private sector jobs, while expaning those suckling off us taxpayers.)  I see these truths nowhere. And so we lose our country. Why don't conservatives say, "Power to the People" which is what our founders fought and died for. They are turning in their graves because of the power we've given to corrupt politicians -- Republicans and Democrats alike -- in Washington, D.C.  I don't know if 485 members of Congress plus a few members of Obama's administration can be labelled an oligarchy but they all together dictate how the other 310,000,000 Americans think, act, live. 

There is no way to stop it, there is no true outrage at being puppets.  And that is what you, dear reader, and I are.  So pull away President Obama.  Yessir, yessir.

We get what they want. Goodbye America -- beacon of freedom and protection to the world.  Sad.

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