Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Poor President Obama, his arm must be getting tired signing all this legislation to kill the free markets that built America.  Last week the virtual  takeover of the healthcare and healthcare insurance industries.  Cost?  Upwards of $2,500,000,000,000 (I hope that's trillion but there are so many zeros it's hard to tell.) will be spent in the decade after the first six years of tax gathering with few benefits.  This accounting fraud, of course, allowed the CONGRESSIONAL Budget Office to be quoted by our president and Democrats as "approving" the law.  In the real world of Liberal politics that two-and-a-half TRILLION dollars will increase to, what? three- four-trillion?  No one knows and no one will be able to pay anyway.  There aren't enough middle-class and rich people to tax.  Not enough!

But, hey, that was only one part of the federal takeover of the healthcare and healthcare insurance industries.  Part two was higher-education (sic) financing.  What? a  rational person might exclaim.  What does paying for college have to do with healthcare?  Only that, under the Democrats fudging of its own rules, to pass the legislation why not pile was the desirable to put both together. (And they stupidly thought they could trap a couple Republicans politically into not voting "against education". THAT sham didn't work.) OK, then.  So what?

The United States Government crushed, destroyed and eliminated a huge job-producing private sector industry -- the whole hated for-profit thing -- of loaning money to college students.  Yes, government says it'll be cheaper and better for the government to manage yet another industry.  (Let's see.  U. S. Postal Service, AMTRAK, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the I.R.S. not to mention Social Security and Medicare, Medicaid and so on.  All horribly and undeniably broken and creating unimaginable deficits and borrowings from China.)  And the money it'll "save" has already been spent in the healthcare accounting fraud and again duplicatively to expand the giveaway to college kids.  Let's see will the kids spend it getting an intellectual education oron fun, parties and worthless classes of liberal philosophies?  Take a guess. 

But further, the Obama Administration and the Democrat Congress (NO Republicans, nor NO rational politicians voted for this legislation, remember) have announced that going to work after college for the government is preferable to going to work for...for...for a for-profit business.  A private-sector free-enterprise business; "hey kids that's a no-no".  Every huge-debt-owing college grad will get penalized for hiring on with a company in the private sector (whatever that really means now.)  (This doesn't start until 2014, in order for the "savings" to accumulate with no spending counting against it.) Yes, go to work in the private sector and the government will eliminate your debt after twenty (20) years.  But, go to work in the utopian, wonderful so-called "public sector" (however the Democrats want to define it), of non-wealth-producing government jobs and non-wealth-producing non-profit jobs and presto! or Voila! you are forgiven your debt in half the time. (Ten -- 10 -- years).  Now again to emphasize, the public sector uses, takes, eats, destroys your tax money while creating "good" (however the Democrats define "good" today, and subject to arbititrary change.)  And on the other hand all the wealth and prosperity that is America today was created by entrepreneurs starting businesses that produced and sold things the public freely wanted to buy. 

This legislation makes it clear and obvious that President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress do not support private enterprise.  Remember this is the greatest economic structure ever invented by mankind.  It has uplifted the standard of living for hundreds of million human beings throughout the world.  But they know government will do a better job. (Against ALL evidence to the contrary throughtout history.)

Do we Americans want to make a college education "free"?  Or "free" as defined by the Democrats which means either paid for by taxpayers or borrowed from China.  This is a question hidden from us.  But it is the root of this legislation.  And we Americans don't get any say, in fact we didn't get asked.

The next question is: "Given a track-record of abject failure, from not only the above-mentioned public-sector companies, but from the entire multi-trillion dollar "elimination of poverty" initiatives (which have not eliminated poverty the Democrats themselves say), the vast "civil rights" bureaucracy (which has not eliminated "racism" the Democrats themselves say), the vast educational initiatives (which has not improved education for four decades, the Democrats themselves say) why does even ONE Democrat get elected?

Why would Anne, Ben, Charlene, David, Emily, Fred, Greta, Henry, Isabel, John, Kathe, Larry, Mary, Nelson, Opal, Quentin, Rachael, Steve, Teri, Umberto  Victoria, Walter, Xaviera, Yancey, or Zelda vote for any Democrat, even one?

The unfortunate following answer is partial and overgeneralized: 1) They are union bosses or members who get an unfair advantage in wages, benefits and retirement from Democrats over all others; 2) They are trial lawyers who get an unfair advantage in huge settlements from businesses; 3) They are black and (incorrectly) believe Democrats are "fighting for them"; 4) They get something for nothing from Democrats; 5) They hate the "unfairness" of the free enterprise/capitalist system in which people must earn what they get; 6) They believe empty rhetoric; 7) They don't believe that one -- whether an individual or a country -- cannot forever spend more than they make;  8)  They believed that former President Busn was the devil; 9) They are morally against war, guns, capital punishment, punishment, achievement, spanking, differences in humans, progress, wealth and/or unfairness and angst, and finally last, but not least, 10) They are for relative morality, abortion, freedom to act in ways that were formerly morally wrong, homosexual rights, equality, spending more than one -- whether an individual or country -- makes; 11) They are students who have been propagandized and won't have to repay student loans, believe that religion ought to be out of public society.

We in the United States of America are in a Second Civil War, and the Liberals are winning. 

Proudly Superamerican.

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